Performance Scholar
Dancer & Improvisor
Movement Facilitator

Formerly a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at York University (2016-19), I am Sessional Faculty at the University of the Fraser Valley and a guest instructor at Simon Fraser University. My current research brings academic and artistic methodologies together to examine flash mobs, social choreography, and the politics of moving together.


Trudeau Scholar alumni, Mellon Dance Studies Summer Seminar alumni, Queen's Fellow, and SSHRC recipient, I hold a PhD from Simon Fraser University with a specialization in dance and performance studies. My dissertation, the foundation for my current book project, explores the social and spatial politics of site-based dances set in public spaces throughout Vancouver, BC.


I present my research both nationally and internationally, and was recently recognized with Canadian Association for Theatre Research's Robert Lawrence Prize for emerging scholars (2019). I have just co-edited the first peer-reviewed journal issue on dance studies in Canada (Performance Matters 2019), and I recently co-edited an issue of Canadian Theatre Review on "Choreographies of Assembly" (2018). My research has been published in Performance Research, Dance Research Journal, Canadian Theatre Review, The Dance Current, and Renegade Bodies (DCD, 2012). I was featured as part of the 2016-17 Performance Studies (Canada) Speaker Series, SFU Public Square Speaker Series, and I have an article forthcoming in Susan Manning, Janice Ross, and Rebecca Schneider's co-edited anthology, Futures of Dance Studies (Wisconsin 2020).


A dance-maker and dance facilitator, I explore the relationships of moving bodies to their sites, to gravity, ground, and one another. Recently, I co-facilitated a praxis-based session with Noémie Lafrance leading up to her site-based Bentway performance, Dérives (Toronto, 2019). I have collaborated with Justine A. Chambers on a series of choreography walks; together, we published a choreographic score in a recent issue of Canadian Theatre Review (2018), elements of which we explored kinaesthetically with Arts Assembly and Dance Troupe Practice (2016-17).


During my postdoctoral fellowship, I co-developed performance scores with undergraduate students at York University, SFU, the University of the Fraser Valley -- where I also served as a choreographic consultant for the student Devised Theatre showcase. I have presented my choreography and structured improvisations at various venues throughout Canada, including: Unit Pitt Gallery, the CEREV space at Concordia in Montreal, Mascall Dance's Bloom choreographic series, The Firehall Arts Centre's BC Buds, Battery Opera's Bob's Lounge, among others.

During my residency at Unit Pitt Gallery’s An Exact Vertigo series (2016), I brought my academic and artistic research together to explore the contours of my body as site-specific amalgam: a receptacle of spaces. I offered a public showing of my work-in-progress, Bone Song.

I was a founding member of Behind Open Doors Arts Collective, a group of Vancouver-based performers, dancers, and thinkers who explored public space and the urban environments through danced and improvised movement (2004-2013). Together, we facilitated movement workshops for the public, and presented site-based work with Althea Thauberger (Artspeak 2008), Barbara Adler, and independently.


© 2016 Alana Gerecke

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